Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thegidi a movie made in style

Thegidi classified to be thriller, crime action turned out be lite enjoyable movie when blended with love and passion. Plus 122 minutes running time helps us digest the story without trouble and come out of theater with ‘nice’ note. I’d like to place this movie with the line up of movies such like Pizza, Villa, NKPK , Soodhu Kavvum; simple, new face, low budget and a hit. With Thegidi hitting the screen just couple of days ago it might sound little early to call the film a hit, mark my words its worth it.

Plot Summary: The movie revolves around the protagonist Vetri, holds a master’s in criminology; following the advice of his professor gets a job in a detective agency in Chennai. Where he was given assignment to shadow a list of people, mysterious deaths of those he followed makes him panic. With his desire thumping profession he falls in love with the fifth person he follows, this gives him more reason to crack mysterious deaths and save his lady love. Will he succeed? how he works outs clues to find the killers? -this forms the rest of story (no spoilers plz).

THEGIDI - Rating 3.5 / 5

The lite tone carried throughout the movie make us enjoy the movie, compared to a conventional Tamil masala movie the death count, blood spilled, anger expressed are greatly low and this make ‘Thegidi’ a watchable for every age group. Humor is a not a concentration of the movie though some moments shared between Vetri and Nambi, chef, roommate, friend of Vetri makes us smile and remind causal conversations we enjoy with our friends. Debutante composer Nivas K. Prasanna steals the show with gripping background score which blends with the fluid screenplay; songs are hard to remember but didn’t hurt the ears as a DSP would. 

Talking about the cons on the movie, we can place the best pro as the first con – too lite screenplay no breath taking thriller. Screenplay is too fluid you can almost narrate the next scene, the only place where the director P. Ramesh managed to catch us off guard is when the killer is revealed. Lead Female ‘Madhu’ played by Janani Iyer has a deeper characterization in story and she managed to delivered her best and did justice to the role, but failed to leave a strong impression probably because of her limited screen space. Ashok Selvan playing lead as ‘Vetri’ lacked emotion maintaining almost same facial expression from the every first scene! but why? While Jayaprakash played a fantastic role as a police inspector and cemented his ‘best character artist’ label but had less than decent frame time for him to make any impact as he comes way into the second half.Update: I take back this, I keep humming some songs from the moview, specially Vinmeen vithaiyil song

The movie simply stands out and delivers. Though thriller this will be a good stress buster and if you are planning a weekend movie do keep this movie name in your mind, especially if your spouse is reluctant on seeing Hollywood movies ;) On the whole I’m happy to give the movie a Good rating. Compelling to rate best but failing to qualify in acting department but definitely above good so a 3.5/5 will be my rating. I really loved to see the heroine of the film speaking Tamil :) in her own voice, its a happy sign that Tamil girls are getting to play lead female roles in Tamil movie.