Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where to Park when charges soars

Hi Chennai, I hope you completely understand the title. Last weekend went for a movie, at Escape, EA, Chennai. Its not the first time I visit EA and so I know where to park? but do you know?

Cool ah! parked bike in Spencer, which happens to be a shopping mall when I was schooling, now godown and office complex. Given the parking rate at EA I recommend every Chennaite to follow this parking method religiously till EA brings down fare also there is another building adjacent to Spencer offering paid parking service at reasonable rate. Also you can park at Sathyam cinemas complex, charge is lower than Spencer but riskier.

Similarly there is another place where you’d cry on seeing the parking receipt Phoenix Market City, Velacherry, Chennai thats the only place which made me wished that I had a car(no no parking rate are no lower but reasonable). This place is quite a non sense coz there is no such places around to park like we can for EA now I’ll list what I have tried before.  Safest: Park bike at Spencer’s approx. 1Km from Phoenix mall towards east. Tempting: Park at banks around the mall like SBI or ICICI(google you can find where its). Don’t: Parking in open ground 100m west of Phoenix entrance, the place already looks like a auto garage, you do want your engine to travel back so don’t risk.

Other malls I have been to have good public transport facility aligned or with reasonable parking charge. Are you expecting that mall which is near your home which is charging you high to start in the where to park? ok then list it down in the comment we’d try to visit that and analyse the custom & culture there WE is a strong word rit… none of them is digestible anyway *middle class mind*