Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rain drop that travels up

With the monsoon being set, last weekend we had much of rain fall. That called up our cricket match in CPC tournament @ Porur and hence had time to spend the weekend with family. Sunday early morning started from Chennai to Pondy yiee!  c’mon guys in and around of Pondicherry has temples too not just liquor shops, since its a family outing….. we visited 4 temple. First to Panchavadi Hanuman temple, then to a Saneeswarar temple then to Prathyangara temple close to it. After a fair breakfast we went to Manakula vinayagar temple.
Yes I heard you *enough* where does the rain drop travel upside? I’m gonna answers you, can’t you be patience & give this family man a chance to explain Pondy has good places to visit diving back… we had rain greeting us with mild showers and lovely drizzle it was nice pleasant drive. On the way we stopped I got down and relaxed found a nice white flower blooming from the shrub with its horn(old-days-speaker) like shape catching all the rain drops and holding them like cup.
To get the image of the flower I’m referring I tried googling like “White cone like flower” then “White cone like flower in Tamil Nadu” and then “White flower that grows in shrub” and finally got the image, which you can see now to the right. And now I’m seriously scared coz this wiki page on Brugmansia is describing that any part of it is venomous that day I plucked it without spilling water and presented it to my wife *Romeo* now I feel itchy.

On the way back to Chennai we visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram then to Auroville where we saw that golden globe called ‘Matrimandir’ peeping through gate back to ECR. Lost totally lost! the rain drops! sitting in the front seat hardly helping myself from sleeping I dozed often. When the rain showered hard it was irritating, slowly it went off then came back again as drizzle, what a sight the small drops landing on the windshield of Suzuki Estilo started to travel up I was like *wht* for clear view driver splashed some soap water and cleaned it, single wiper zoomed from my seat to drivers seat clearing view of driver and partially helping mine.
It was the aerodynamic design of Estilo’s windshield that made it possible. The windshield is so tilted that the drops traveled from as low as bonnet to top of car with speedy wind hurrying it away from car. I was like wow wow I want to observe this all day then it happen agian.
Particularly when driver splashed water and cleaned, water droplets in my view screamed to top, its an awesome sight. I’m not sure if that is a problem for driver but I enjoy the show. I was like as it is raining upside down and dancing to the tune of car engine. Its after a long time that I’m appreciating or getting excited about simple stuff, had any lately? please share them in comments.