Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life on Rapid lane

I wish I could roll years back and go back to school, desperately I need a break, a calm sleep, a day without hustle. Its been long since I had spoken to my mom or dad in the way I used to! or the way I play with my sister. Is this is how life has to go can’t I sit around and relax, can’t I ly in my mom’s lap, can’t I fight for remote with sis, can’t I ask dad to write letter and get astonished by his vocabulary! Its been long since I played with mud.
Rapid Lane to HELL

In my profile I used to mention I’m go green kid! but does that makes sense? I have not cleaned my garden for a month, have not watered plants for 3 months (BTW its raining). I’m not digging deep anymore to prepare manure! Just like my mind my garden is full of weeds! where is life I used to live? I was so passionate about cricket, been caught umpty times for playing cricket in class room, caught running around under construction site. I forgot how to climb tree, I’m not making sand castle anymore. If this is how adults wanna live I regret being an adult.
Cycle is now a permanent home to spider, can you believe I actually have rode cycle in steel slide in parks! Of course was often chased out for not being obedient who cares that’s my game. I used to ride cycle by crossing hands holding left handle in right hand and right in left, I’d fall often, bleeding like fool still I had that nose breaking glee! Now moving Hercules cycles is itself a herculean task!
Though I got new thinks to be happy about I don’t know if I’m really happy about how happy it is! just like the previous line my life is going thru hasty twist and turns. Many things have changed in last quarter not just for Cognizant, life has never been slow for me. Fast paced decisions, moves, works, social interaction is just taking toll me! I used to watch TV but not till midnight, and now I wanted it to keep it running for no reason. My relationship with sleep has failed long back I’m not even able to sleep in training classroom! I thought books could bring peace and sometime away from TV but things just keep adding in my life I’m watching TV and reading book at same and collapsing self!
I’m active everywhere and inactive inside! My life on a Rapid lane to hell!!