Friday, August 16, 2013

Delete and Manage Blogger Comments with Google + profile activated

Welcome to another How to series, in this post we’ll see how
to manage old comments after the Google + comments is activated in
your blog in Blogger. When G + shoved its head into Blogger they gave birth to Google + user profile and comments on blogger. This hybrid baby allows only Google + stuff but old comments are preserved, now whats the problem?

Once Google + Comment is activated in your blog,

  • The old comments become un-manageable.

  • Be it spam or not, you won’t be able to delete or spam it.

  • Readers can comment only when they sign in with Google
    +  comments restricting your reign

  • There is no one stop solution for managing Google + comments

  • Visit every post to manage the comments.

You can see no Comments option when G+ comments is activated

Alternately you manage from G+ too which is the only

So to manage old comments or let user comment in your blog
the old way disable the ‘ Google + Comment in Google + Options now you must
see Comments options coming up.

From here you can remove, delete, spam and yes it’s a one
stop solution to manage all comments,
but sadly past G+ comments on the post are removed and no more comments would appear.

Ah! Now you can manage all the Comment a cool one stop solution

Google is providing every way to get its social networking
site Google + to top, they have put off couple of services for it and merged
some. Blogger is a blog host site which was launched by Pyra labs later acquired
by Google, since its acquisition Blogger is getting tossed up and down. Just
ride the wave, have Google + User switched on but think before activating G+
comments, happy sharing knowledge! Good day!