Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Road Rash rocks the hell outta you

Aww! Stinky 2004 P4 PC with no upgrades, it is a fact man! parents won’t upgrade it you are gonna use it to just play but then neither you’d have time to, once you cross school so PC was there in dust. I use PC as juke box, game player, movie downloader, and yes also for transferring song to and fro micro SD, alas social networking (only foundation later parts are done with sis Lappy) So this PC which once I used to play POP, NFS underworld, TrackMania, and such graphic card demanding games went well but slowly depleted RAM! then I had to switch to CLAW (yeah same ‘e-th-let’ claw), counter strike, duke in the middle part I played cool games like Hit Man and similar military strategy games!

Later 512MB Ram burned down it seriously burned down when I was trying to fit in SD RAM over ambitious me! Cool proccesor, it withstood I got new RAM and it's running but sadly; I burned down small slot in mother board costly to replace so I have enhanced with external audio card and dull RAM so now it is a juke box and have settled with ‘DAVE’ So when does this RoadRash gonna kick engine! 1 club, 1 chain, few punches and cool kicks of course race coming right away!

After a dull-no-serious-boring Sunday cricket match came sat in my PC! yeah the same dust one just started playing music. ‘Straight out of line’ wrecked all lightly placed article even my mom’s high pitch “off pannithola da” funny me dreamt of playing POP again! then made mind to download duke for some reason that site had another link for Road Rash! Gosh! how I forget Mike my favorite! in big game mode I choose him as me, Bose ever silent blue.silver and bossy Cyndey just beats up every one classic women ! Then I downloaded it! yeah! And started driving the Napa Valley and City without fear and of course I love crashing in on Zombie walkers with walkers.

Cool game! imagine such a context setting… violent race, illegal, thugs, and most innovative Restroom is for options I just fell for it again! have cleared Level 3 was in midas touch that day, I cleared all 5 routes in straight single drive without even a single ram! wow man but then looked at clock 11:30pm ah! what’s more cool than this …. then I played again Napa Valley Level 4 finally closed if after Caesar asked for a ‘chu chu’ walk!

Then came the fury! irritating yuk! moment!! I just hate to lose I bought awesome 1000cc bike and raced like a king, so came the dart targetting my @$$ later! I started to drive crazy and then so where cos of the overflowing interest pot ran outta stock! routes got boring and then I had to finally drive with single finger which made me ram a couple of time and once even wreckled outta track into sea! Didn't notice that money is melting, Just when I got caught I gotta a message saying you ran outta money! my bike lost all my level lost, I was in last track of Level4! f^*& u! then I dragged myself up and rode the first track and shutted the PC down.

Then started reading Robin Sharma's The Monk who sold his Ferrari. Good for me I got outta that bad dream... ( Man! :'( I was in last track of Level 4) just now completed that book. The very first thing the book talks about the mind! now I have to develop it! a lot infact... quitting road rash! again...