Saturday, April 6, 2013


First sight frightens most, big creepy eyes, kinda weird skin color, strong built. Anyone who comes to my home can’t dare step in unless he accepts them else its gonna be a freak show! Very short tempered yet kind and loving if you are ready to take that one step close to him which either break into complete chaos or builds new relationship. He was very ferocious when I was the only one to raise him till the age of 5 but then my sister took care he became kinda soft, loving idiot playful fool!
Now a days he is addicted to scratch, sometimes shows his mighty teeth to make sure you don’t take your hands of his head or sometimes sweet as “cat’s purr”. He’ll turn 11 this September many sweet moments to count on :) Combai is his breed is not pure though; Combai are ancient breed they are bear hounds used for hunting. Interesting superior in power and intellligence than most talked Indian breed Rajapalayam you can read more about this on Combai-wiki.
He is old now but his attitude is getting better as wine. He has always showed his hunting skills in street fights, along with his mother and brother the trio ruled our avenue in their pink, but now he is alone also age has contributed a lot towards slowing down of fighting skills. But good thing is that he was always listening to strong commands only from me and even death plea of his fellow opponents. Smartest I can say of course he has more of a girl fan base, lived with some 6 to 8 but his first love was Julie, too bad we separated them.
Caesar casually threats
Why sholud I limit to one post? I’ll try to make this a series ;) I always wanted to be a good writer why not use my brother as my fictional super hero, same ordinary life with some sci-fi good idea na… ok keep watching this… I title this post as “My Caesar” but now I’m gonna change it to “The Caesar” a hero in making... #cool rit keep watchin