Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to: SCJP / OCJP certification, best practice, chennai

Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer(OCP,JP) is the certification I’m gonna discuss in this post. This certification is offered by ORACLE prior to this Sun was offering it in the name SCJP, in generic way I’m gonna refer this as OCJP.

Here I have given a list of FAQs that you can use.

1.What are the prerequisites or Should I have completed any other exam before this?
A:Not required. But its is good that you take mock up exams available in various sites before facing the big challenge. You’ll face 60 questions within 150mins you have to answer them and score 61% to clear the exam (37 questions must be correct).

2.What is the best book for this exam?
A: I haven’t heard of book for OCP,JP 1Z0-851 but there is book for SCJP 310-065 which is essentially the same exam but the name was changed once Oracle started to offer the exam. The book is authored by peoples who prepares the examination papers and patterns so they would be the best guide.

3.Is book enough for certification?
A: No Book is not enough it might give a outline of test and how to think but to master the exam book will not be enough we have to take mock up test, in the preface of book they have mention some forum and website to look for.

4.Where can I find mock test on this?
A: I’m giving here the two best sites; My favorite is, the rules round up quiz will be every useful. There is also another site watch that space for most updated paper ;) also try,,,, for sample coding and help from people who knows java even better.

5.Where Can I take this test from? Is it possible to take it from home?
A: Its not possible to take test from home. Only approved Prometric centers / Person VUE centers can conduct this exam.

6.How much the voucher cost? Where can I buy? What are the mode of payments available?
A: Right now it cost Rs.8014 but with tax it will be high as Rs.9005. You can even buy it online but its advised that you go to the center you are planning to take exam to better have idea about the exam. You can make payment with almost all payment mode Cash/ Debit card/ Credit card. I bought the voucher and took the exam on the same day, same center – NIIT(Above KVB bank), Adyar, Chennai.

7.How many days before the exam I have to schedule for it?
A: Voucher is valid for 239 days. You can schedule then and there, just step into center ask them to schedule and take it in 30 min.

8.Can I reschedule/cancel the exam?
Yes, you can reschedule or cancel the but One business day before the exam. But if try to do so less than 24 hours before exam then you will loose your exam fee. You will not get the tax amount refunded even if you cancel before a business day so buy voucher only if you are sure to take exam.

9.What are essential proofs for exam?
A: Have to carry 2 Id’s atleast one must have your photo preferred that both has your signature. Preferred that one be our organization and other governments. But carry original, duplicates are not encouraged  you’ll also be demanded for photocopies of the Id proofs you are submitting.

You can find the certification link here…