Monday, February 20, 2012

Is it Ooty Is it Bangalore no its Chennai

I thought its going to be just another day except that I have to report to GWFM on 20-Feb-12. That day I decided to go in bike so that I need not waste time in going round the city and so had to hit the Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam highroad. Soon after leaving home I realized that the day is still cold and now its 8am, later dropped dad in Chromepet railway station so that he can go to his office then traveled towards north to reach the particular highroad

On that day, image not from Exact Highroad, 20-02-2012 0915hrs
I have a good habit of not cleaning my PC so that it can last for some more years, I follow the same for every other device so does the visor will remain undusted or more brutally shabby. Half way I raised my visor so that I can see that road clearly, OMG! its all fog!! or is that city has already celebrated its Diwali'12 without my knowledge :P

Visibility level was too low anything beyond 200m will be not be noticed. Fog stayed thick and hard even after 9am but it started to clear from then, can see something in air like shadow range was around 1km. At last I felt some sunshine in my hand not heat just the relaxing effect from cold. They are relaying the roads, still before work commences the early morning commuters can experience smooth drive on solid black surface it was just awesome but whatever said 70kmph drive in that fog that too in streak was funny....