Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What we can eat at food fest when there is really no food

Just a week ago we had a food fest at my organization. On the same day my team had an important work to do which got us late to food fest. Since we were late we made it further late by utilizing some more time to find where/ whether to eat but we have already bought the tokens so we have to eat.

Straight we went inside the cafeteria to find the stalls overflowing with Crowd!! (wonder what) yes I work in a corporate and never bother to call my colleagues as crowd. Neither there was queue to get nor there was a exit to help yourself bring your plate full. The best way is to eat it there and push others to get out and yes its no brainer its just plain truth.

At last we managed to the front row of counter(row!! yes if there is no queue then its got to be row!!). The most awaited surprise was waiting there it will be good  if I give the typical conversation.

Me: Anna! Dhahi Kachori! 2 here are the token
Server1: Onnu thaan iruku(Translation: Just a plate left)
Me: Ok! Anna! ! Channa Samosa!1! token!
Server2: Nahi! Nahi!(Its over)
(I was late for Dhahi Kachori! too late for Channa Samosa)
Supervisor: Sir, you can exchange this with Bhel Poori!
(I peeped into the counter to find all ingredient of Bhel poori scattered all over table, may be they are planning to serve it to me!!)
Me:I'll try to Exchange!!

With sad face I walked towards my table I was not ready to face my friends who are waiting for some feast. I heard a faint voice, Shiva! turned around to find lucky colleagues from other teams with their plates in front of them. I walked close to find they had just a spoon or two of what they had. :) Neither they were lucky, they were in total confusion that how Channa Samosa and Bhel Poori is similar in taste also Pani poori was having curd topping and Dhahi Kochori with hot pani!!

At last we had fruit salad in exchange! I was neither fast to salad but believe me I dare not to peep into counter!! Ended the feast with IceCream or is it IceJuice.

I have also organized / volunteered for food department on some occasion/ fest being an organizer we will have time only to eat last, and eat what is left. I wonder what organizer of this Food fest had! may be paper cups!!