Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What is the new ugly trick of Telemarketers

Telemarketers use Telephone directory to choose some phone number of a unlucky person and call them to disturb. Most conversations start with a greeting and note about their product and your interest on it but in recent times they have changed their approach. New techniques is that they'll call you as if they have received a missed call or SMS from your mobile and gather details of you. Later they'll call you from some other number with all your details to convince you.

I experienced this twice, in the first trail I fell prey into the net as quoted above they recalled me and till now I'm receiving SMS from some number regarding software course and other workshops. Second time I stood firm said there is no chance for mistake and asked about the number they intend to speak as suspected they were not able to give my number they said some other number instead. I think that number they said is of next poor guy they need to call.

If my guess is correct the details are stored and shared at a price. But every BPO can have a trail because getting details via phone is cheaper than buying it from competitors. If you have not received anything like this before be happy that you know, its going to be fake caller if you have already shared you detail at least from now you can evade the next telemarketer. Remember "To err is Human" so try to cut the call saying "I'll check on it, sorry" don't be harsh because it might be a common man for whom you have dialed or text-ed accidently.