Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to register in National Do Not Call Registry? Is there anyway that I would get promotional SMS/Call from any particular category and leave other blocked?

To Registry in National Do Not Call Registry previously we have to SMS "START DND" to 1909.

But for the benefit of Costumer and Promoters you can still receive promotional SMS/Call from particular category that you choose. New procedure is as follows.

  1. SMS "START DND" to 1909.

  2. They'll send you a conformation message

  3. Then you'll receive a message regarding categories that you want to give permission

  4. Select a category you want to receive promotions from else

  5. Reply "START 0" to 1909 to stop all promotional SMS/Call

To receive SMS- based promotions for the following sector, reply with your choices to 1909:
START 1 - Banking, Insurance & Financial products
START 2 - Real Estate
START 3 - Education
START 4 - Health
START 5 - Consumer Goods & Automobiles
START 6 - Service provider communication, Entertainment, IT
START 7 - Tourisum & Leisure

You can choose multiple sectors as per your preference. Registering for any of the above options will stop other promotional calls by default