Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is Ritchie street a cheaper destination

Yes, but it is only for those people who can roam much than Hutch dog! Or you must be a regular visiting costumer (like a system assembler / service engineer). As it is believed widely that Ritchie street is the cheapest destination, so most people goes in without knowing market price and with zero bargain knowledge. BARGAIN! in Ritchie street how can I my friend it is going to be cheap anyway! nah you'r wrong.

If you go in without any knowledge you'll get punished to pay more! they'll quote it as high standard product,  rare product! with high warranty and all sort of things to make you believe you are not paying less. As you know in every place there is someone loyal to everyone search for that kind of person know the exact rate move to next store bargain as if you know the person how manufactured it, see the magic happen!

I would like to share a similar experience. I went to buy D-USB cable, many didn't have it only one store had it and quoted price  Rs.140 for Original, Rs.50 for Local make. I tried to bar gain after some 5 min he said I give you local make but no guarantee that it would work. I asked why you have it when its not going to work and left. I found 2 streets emerging from Ritchie street as I walked in I chose one in left and walked past a house in fact is a shop! Stopped there watched for D-USB cable wasn't there. But that guy directed me to a service store where I got a slight old second hand thing for `20