Saturday, August 14, 2010

List of Internet Ideas for better living

By the word better living I don't literally mean it but these ideas will help you in different ways

  1. While making a money transaction watch for 'https' in the sites address instead of 'http' which denotes it as secured site and don't believe on dumb promises by the site itself
  2. ATM/VISA ATM's Locator all around the world
  3. Watch TV online
  4. Orkut Shortcuts
  • Scrapbook=>Alt+Shift+S
  • Home=>Alt+Shift+H
  • Community=>Alt+Shift+C
  • Friends=>Alt+Shift+B
  • Profile=>Alt+Shift+P
  • Logout=>Alt+Shift+L

(I'll update this post often make sure you browse through them often)