Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ranking is not important but Recognition is!

Even though our Google SMS channel is titled as APTITUDE-TRICKS-GK-JOKE our interest is predominantly on the first three! There is a person called Editor who keeps check on every post posted on every channel, he also has the habit of rating every channels. Recent ratings have revealed that our Channel is dominating in every genre we have our foots!

General knowledgeSecond
Current affairsSecond
Implant trainingFirst

I Have to admit that in genres like workshop and implant training we are the only channel available and also the trustworthy! With only 39 users and about 100 post It is difficult to accept the fact that we have overtaken groups with more that 1000 users like Aptitude4u & aptitudezone. If you haven't still checked out the features of SMS channel click here. Also it is a bad thing that We have posted only 3 Jokes in our channel still we are in good rank in Editor's List

Bad think to remember is that always your search results are not arranged on editor's rating first but on number of users. But you can always click on the link called "Editor's Pick" on the left hand side to check for good channels!

To join our channel simply SMS "ON APTITUDE-TRICKS-GK-JOKE" to 9870807070
or via internet with google account click here=>APTITUDE-TRICKS-GK-JOKE