Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Promotion is no more to HIDE SECRETS - New way developed by Film industry to promote movie

The new way to promote the film in this era is to expose what ever special stunts and attempts made in the film. This is new strategy is formulated in the late 2008 there after very other production unit is following this. Trailer and teaser where made more popular in kollywood in very initial part of 21st century.


Intial movies No. of songs
20th century intially Pamphlets are included
Mid part of 20th century Pamphlets and posters
Ultimate part of 20th century Banners and Trailers
Initial part of 21st century Trailers and Intervies
Now from year 2009Reality shows, games

#In every year only the newly used methods are only showcased even now songs are used to weigh the films!!!

The Best example of all would be the films made by SUN production, Teasers will be telecast on their own network till one is annoyed, every Sunday they would have an interview with their lead Actors or if same actor is used in previous movies then Technicians.Rating of their movies in their networks ranking show would be unnecessarily high, some star night show hosted by their own network will award their own professionals. This tactic is also followed by other networks like Kalaignar and Raj. Please after reading close your mouth for 2min and pay your silent tribute for the viewers. Oh gosh!