Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who long we will be calling it as Cricket

. When Cricket was introduced to the world by English it was just a mere game, which was played by 22 fools and had some spectators. But when the game had its day it was no more a game of spirit but was a game for dollars. Who many of the peoples know this truth, don’t expect me to say very few there are enormous people who knew this. The highly narrated live drama is what making to look like real and still fooling many hearts.

Americans displayed their doubling skill by altering cricket and now calling it as baseball, football was the successor which is renamed as rugby. Whatever done there in America is change in game play and suits. But cricket was undergoing the most know and hidden secret change; the players are not just changing the game play by introducing new format of game play. They are ready to change the way they play the game after the shit advice from their bookies.

So this game so called cricket has to be renamed with no second though on having the same named. When football is lifted in hand and thrown into nets it is no more football it is rugby. Cricket was played with bat and ball but now dollars and cents are used to play, this shows it requires a new name.

Here are some suggestions:
  1. Cricket + Dollar => Crilor
  2. Dollar + Cricket => Dolket
  3. Cricket + Bookies => Cric-Kiss
  4. Cricket + Rupees => Crees

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