Saturday, October 24, 2009

Microsoft showing no mercy: Morro and Media player 12 are neither for XP user nor for Vista users

Windows 7 beta version went on to places replacing all other operating system. Even before the official launch of the OS Microsoft was ready to launch software which will not work on xp or partially on Vista. Windows Vista was a big failure for Microsoft they lost their market; Not because of its incompatibility to software’s without digital signature or pirated software but also because of the requirements and the large space that it occupies for no reason.

Once Microsoft was The commander in chief the OS market with Windows XP later with its service packs. The fall of the giant was not because of Mac or Useless firewall it was because of the much hiked Vista. Vista was a good for nothing OS neither they were little nor compatible; Even though they caught the minds and eyes of many failed to rule the market as XP did. Windows 7 successor of Vista is not just a compatible OS its requirements are lower than its predecessor.

There is no problem in Windows 7 but it is creating problem for its predecessor. As said earlier Microsoft has already launched Media player 12 which works only on Windows 7. But its New Anti-virus software Morro is also only for Windows 7, this new announcement has made the Web master GOOGLE to once again think its Idea to built a new Operating system; some are already believing that chrome is a trail version of Google’s new idea; Because chrome requires no plug-ins or flash player as it is required for other Browsers.

#There are windows media player 12 for xp if anyone says like this, then this is time to wake up it is just the theme and information to register about it?!!!