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Parody on "A Woman" pic published on FB

When I was born, A woman was there to screw me: Nurse
A woman was able to make my dear mom cry: Grand mother
When I grew up, A woman was there to push me down and say "we were playing" : Sister
I went to school a woman was there to punish me: Teacher
When was texting a woman was able to break my phone: Mother
I was happy and alone, A woman was able to put hole in my purse: Girlfriend
A woman was able to get my bank balance to zero and exceed my credit card limit: Wife
I was working hard and sleep late still a woman was able to spoil my sleep: Daughter
My boy will not be able to feel safe and sleep sound without me by the side, but a woman was able to make him hate me: Daughter-In-Law
Even if I die a woman will eat me : Land

This is a parody to the pic posted on I Hate LOnlinezz But It Lovez ME More, FB!/photo.php?fbid=313250332042462&set=a.207161535984676.60766.206974312670065&type=1&theater

If you are a man realize where you are
Pardon me wom…

Am I Indigenous?

My father is from Devakottai, Ramanathapuram, whenever we have a get together in our family they use their own language technically known as Tamil. Born and brought up in Chennai suburb I can speak good Tamil but barely understand their language. Problem is very serious that search for restroom will lead you to kitchen thats why I used to maintain a map for my grandfathers home to assist myself in case of emergency ;). But as per the “Cultural code of conduct” followed in Tamilnadu I’ll be forgiven for any mistake that I make, afterall I’m a foreigner to them yes foreigner!!

Another crazy fact is that my grandfather was brought up in Kumarapuram, Thirunelveli not in Ramanathapuram. But I was never tired in making efforts so countined my journey to find my actual native might be my mothers birthplace! Sirkazhi it is, situated next to Chitambaram rich in water and fertility. The search was put to end even before I can make a plan! Coz I have my dad’s name as Last name not my mom’s. In …

What we can eat at food fest when there is really no food

Just a week ago we had a food fest at my organization. On the same day my team had an important work to do which got us late to food fest. Since we were late we made it further late by utilizing some more time to find where/ whether to eat but we have already bought the tokens so we have to eat.

Straight we went inside the cafeteria to find the stalls overflowing with Crowd!! (wonder what) yes I work in a corporate and never bother to call my colleagues as crowd. Neither there was queue to get nor there was a exit to help yourself bring your plate full. The best way is to eat it there and push others to get out and yes its no brainer its just plain truth.

At last we managed to the front row of counter(row!! yes if there is no queue then its got to be row!!). The most awaited surprise was waiting there it will be good  if I give the typical conversation.

Me: Anna! Dhahi Kachori! 2 here are the token
Server1: Onnu thaan iruku(Translation: Just a plate left)
Me: Ok! Anna! ! Channa Samosa!…

Why Life is Hard After 20

On the first day, God created the dog and said: 'Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.'

The dog said: 'That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back the other ten?'
So God agreed.
On the second day, God created the monkey and said: 'Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a twenty-year life span.'
The monkey said: 'Monkey tricks for twenty years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the Dog did?'
And God agreed.
On the third day, God created the cow and said: 'You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.'
The cow said: 'That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for six…

How to register in National Do Not Call Registry? Is there anyway that I would get promotional SMS/Call from any particular category and leave other blocked?

To Registry in National Do Not Call Registry previously we have to SMS "START DND" to 1909.

But for the benefit of Costumer and Promoters you can still receive promotional SMS/Call from particular category that you choose. New procedure is as follows.

SMS "START DND" to 1909.
They'll send you a conformation message
Then you'll receive a message regarding categories that you want to give permission
Select a category you want to receive promotions from else
Reply "START 0" to 1909 to stop all promotional SMS/Call To receive SMS- based promotions for the following sector, reply with your choices to 1909: START 1 - Banking, Insurance & Financial products START 2 - Real Estate START 3 - Education START 4 - Health START 5 - Consumer Goods & Automobiles START 6 - Service provider communication, Entertainment, IT START 7 - Tourisum & Leisure

You can choose multiple sectors as per your preference. Registering for any of the above options will stop o…

The ugly trick of Telemarketers - You made the call

Telemarketers use Telephone directory to choose some phone number of a unlucky person and call them to disturb. Most conversations start with a greeting and note about their product and your interest on it but in recent times they have changed their approach. New techniques is that they'll call you as if they have received a missed call or SMS from your mobile and gather details of you. Later they'll call you from some other number with all your details to convince you.

I experienced this twice, in the first trail I fell prey into the net as quoted above they recalled me and till now I'm receiving SMS from some number regarding software course and other workshops. Second time I stood firm said there is no chance for mistake and asked about the number they intend to speak as suspected they were not able to give my number they said some other number instead. I think that number they said is of next poor guy they need to call.

If my guess is correct the details are stored and…

why do people sweat more in chennai???

One of the famous ornament of chennai is its summer!. Everyone here would have at least once talked about its effect and the way they affected. People comes out with sweats flowing from the body is the usual scene of chennai noon. The sweat produced is not just due to the temperature of the region. It is in fact due to the high humidity of chennai.

To explain this lets see a fact, people in chennai sweats more than the people in delhi where the temperature is higher than the former.

This is because of chennai's location. Chennai is located near sea due to which sea water evaporation is high during summer which in turn increases the humidity (Amount of water vapour present in air).
Normally human blood temperature is about 35 deg Celsius. If the outside temperature is more than that, then our system tries to automatically cools down by releasing sweat from the body.

The sweat which is released cools the surrounding heat by converting into vapour thereby reducing the body temperature…

Why Geotag, Twitter, Facebook on remote devices are virtual self traps! helping Robbery

The new essential of this generation is social networking! this has already made us not to care about neighbor whose door is 3 foot away from ours. But what Robbery has to do with this, better I can explain this with scenario. While on my weekend I'm going to Resort 50km away from my home.

On Friday to check if there is anyone to accompany me I set a status message on FB.Before leaving I leave a note in Twitter.On the way I decide to take a coffee break from driving, I updated it Photo with Geo-tagging telling everyone where I'm now and how good it looks.Once I reach spot I shout in Twitter that I'm there and do the same on leaving.While returning I update photos of days action on FB again with Geo-tagging I state where I'm taking my dinner.I'm updating on Twitter the time I may take to return home from dinner spot.
Even though its not so essential to do things on the way I do it because my devices support these things I'm happy to make everyone know that I have …


With Engeyum Kaadhal, Prabhu Deva has tried to narrate yet another story using the most common and ubiquitous phenomenon in the world, Love. The opening titles with backdrop paintings followed by Prabhu Deva’s cameo for ‘Engeyum Kaadhal’ song are pleasant but from then on the movie couldn’t live up to its hype.

Jayam Ravi as a young businessman fits perfectly in his tailor made role. He even impresses with his dazzling dance moves. Hansika Motwani looks refreshing in her vivid outfits but fails to impress in the acting department. Her dubbing is imbecile and out of sync at many places. Rajusundaram annoys you often under the pretext of making fun. Neither Suman nor Prakashraj have much to play. The only outstanding features of the movie are Nirav Shah’s brilliant cinematography which captures the exquisite and serene beauty of Paris with ease and Harris Jayaraj’s poignant music as almost all songs are pleasant to hear.

Is Ritchie street a cheaper destination

Yes, but it is only for those people who can roam much than Hutch dog! Or you must be a regular visiting costumer (like a system assembler / service engineer). As it is believed widely that Ritchie street is the cheapest destination, so most people goes in without knowing market price and with zero bargain knowledge. BARGAIN! in Ritchie street how can I my friend it is going to be cheap anyway! nah you'r wrong.

If you go in without any knowledge you'll get punished to pay more! they'll quote it as high standard product,  rare product! with high warranty and all sort of things to make you believe you are not paying less. As you know in every place there is someone loyal to everyone search for that kind of person know the exact rate move to next store bargain as if you know the person how manufactured it, see the magic happen!

I would like to share a similar experience. I went to buy D-USB cable, many didn't have it only one store had it and quoted price  Rs.140 for Orig…

When HOLLYWOOD is video GAME!

I find films released these days reminding me of old video games that I played, some of them are abandoned now. For instance I take two movies EXPENDABLES and A-TEAM, it’s not just the screenplay or heroic things they do or stuffs they carry its all of them matching with games. I’ll analyze both the movies separately in following paragraphs.

EXPENDABLES, Story line: A Group of 6 American guy with guns kills tons of soldiers of some weak country because they are going to save a girl whom is a native of that country fighting against growing illegal drug plant in her country by another wealthy American! as per standard book of “Hollywood reasons”  head of Expendables group likes the native girl, so they are to save her. The climax alone is enough to state that this must be a movie on super natural powered guys like X-Men not guys with superlative intelligence and physic. This movie reminds me every much of Contra, Quake, House of Death, ____ Dragon which asks you to shoot/fight against …


Chennai, 10-04-2011

This year Tim Southee is the last man picked by CSK for IPL'11 in replacement for injured Doug Bollinger, who was picked last for IPL'10 in similar situation and it worked like magic. Southee showed his master class in the last over of CSK versus KKR match here on Friday, recovering from injury Bollinger is set to return soon to continue his magic.

With CSK having five Indian Batsmen namely Captain MS Dhoni, M Vijay,S Anirudh, S Badrinath,SK Raina playing well and with good fielding skill allows Captain MSD to spin in different foreign players. Also Chennai Super Kings is blessed with our own world class spinner R Ashwin with pace begin only doubt with India CSK players and these two foreigners playing fit and hard, CSK is complete and all set to lift the cup.

Moral: There will be only one job left for the tans; Team Selectors/Staff to do "is to whistle" WHISTLE PODU!! CHEERS!

Why not use Mother tongue!

Chennai, 03/04, Morning

Dad: Don't be "Idle", exams are near go and study!!

Shiva: I'm not "Idol", you can see me playing with cricket ball.

Dad: What do mean by that!(angrily)!

Shiva: I mean, I'm not "Idol"


Shiva: You said don't be  "Idol" and I'm not!!!

Dad: What I said "Don't be Idle, not IDOL" go study!!

Shiva: Oh ho!! you meant "Idle" ah!! I thought it to be "Idol"

Moral: Its better when we converse in mother tongue!

Have Dream Awake! So no dream on sleep!



Every night I would have dream. Doctor told that its not good sign to have dreams every night and it affects healthy sleep. But today I didn't have a dream I slept around 00:30am till 09:00am indeed relaxed and healthy sleep! After seeing India winning the cup!

Now I know the reason I had the dream while I was awake! The dream of winning the World Cup, it came true! I'm not with Nostradamus but when It come to cricket I can do better than him. Continue to "referencearticle" links are below

Ref 1:  Srilanka will suffer if they get to finals here (28/03/11).

Ref2: It is WE the winners (02/04/11).

It is WE the winners

Simple reasons why India will be champions
WE are now playing as a team.
In 1983, Apr, 2, Saturday India won the WC. Its again Apr,2, Saturday.
Since there is   only one super senior player and 30% are new to big stages! there is no conflict of who is going to perform.
PEPSI! what Pepsi! yes!! they have found that Indians are going to win so they have not announced 1Rs Pepsi blue drink.
Perfect XI is ready, there is no confusion on selecting playing eleven.
Also Bowling has peaked in right time
Fielding of last 2 match was a good example of how to field! I felt against Australia, Indian fielding was higher that Australian standards.

Srilanka will suffer if they get to finals here.

Playing every match in home ground might give someone support & confidence they need. Looking into the Indian Sub-Continent conditions and Srilanka's Colombo, Kandy, Mambantota peoples with some knowledge about out-field and pitch knows that they are not similar.

When we sneak into Mumbai's Wankhede stadium it is totally different and swift out-field with regular bouncy track which Srilanka is failing to have this season this will make them suffer a lot. If they are against India it will be a cake walk for Us.

When would the thriller end in Group B?



World Cup 2011, the final four from Group B is to be decided in the last league match of the tournament. If the last played match in Group B between England and West Indies on 17/03 was won by West Indies there would not be any problem. Now I'll discuss the possibilities!

If Bangladesh is to Exit

This is the simplest of all, if BAN is going to lose against South Africa they'll make their way out from World Cup.

If West Indies is to Exit

This is next possible if BAN wins SA, and India wins West Indies they are out with 6pts while team ahead of them will have 7pts and 8pts.

If England to Exit

This is next in list, If BAN wins over SA. If Ind Vs WI match ends with WI winning by small or moderate margin.

If India to Exit

The most impossible to happen thats why I say India is already qualified! After BAN wins SA, WI must achieve a target over 250runs in 25 overs or target over 300runs in 30 overs. If India is going to chase West Indies have to bowl out IND and win …

Go Green at least for You

When World pleaded to everyone to use cycle instead of bike for short distance we never cared. When US cried to reduce the usage so that they can use much we never minded it! But now petrol prices has gone up.

At least for you and your wealth reduce the usage of petrol and start cycling or walk for closer destination. Go clean your cycle its in the garage for almost a decade

Facebook and its Addiction

This is a rap song that deplicts all the non sense in Facebook only to make you hold your account still in facebook

God you know what its not "facebook" but "Facebook" Mark Zckerberg wants it to be capitalized to hold the capital ah? ok sorry if you can't understand its... share market joke.

[click on the link to lead you to blog if you can't see those videos]


In Hindu religion every God needs to be worshiped in distinct way, still there are some basic ways to worship which I'll list now.
Going to a temple empty handed is not good, at least pick a flower that is good for worship. Ask the locals around temple about the best flower for the god/goddess inside.
Always carry Poojai/ Worshiping material above the waist.
Before entering the temple worship the Gopuram or Vimanam, there by your are greeting Devatas in Gopuram! But there will always be a spot inside temple were gopuram is fully visible, do not confuse that with worshiping, interior view gives closer look there by explaining the architectural work of Kings men.
Don't step on Vasakal of any entrance, they made above precious metals and stones which are holy.
Do ashtanga namaskar(Lay down, 6th pose in Surya Namaskaram) on mark close to Kodimaram / Main pedam / Guarding god outside main hall
Look for Bodyguard's statue of the main God around, worship them and request/pray for enter…

When PC slows down!

There are numerous reasons for a Computer to slow down on its processing speed. If you are experiencing this problem in your PC please don't immediately put a costly Anti-Virus program and check for hidden malware or worms! Remember you are the worst virus in your PC if you are not treating your computer well. I'll be listing some easy ways to solve this problems make a note of it.

Installing all programs that you use in C:\drive(or where OS is installed) its a sin! don't commit it.
Keep the C:\ drive free from images, videos and other documents that are not related to OS or primary application.
By default all browsers stores download files in C drive so change the position to some other drive. (My documents is also in C drive)
Clear all temp folders so that they don't block RAM [some temp folders "temp", "%temp%", "prefetch", "recent", type these in your windows run command(without quotes) and clear if you are not sure look…

Is Madrasapattinam a great film

Madrasapattinam is definitely a good film, with all those wonderful set and screenplay to carry on the project. Still there are mistakes which can be easily identified. The flag that is used before independence differs from flag that we use today. But the director was too busy to concentrate on it! and used the current flag(after 22/07/1947) with "Ashoka chakra" instead of "Swaraj Flag" adopted in 1931. Technically wrong scene - the escape of electrocution, when its wet, it is time for power to pass around the surface of walls and meet the ground. In the movie its never shown how circuit completes for other and how Parithi( Arya ) escapes with his friends sitting on wall to help him out! (With Very high votage wet surface is not neccesary just low temperature is enough.) Click to view Indian nations Flag Swaraj Flag More about Indian National Flag Electrocution Grounding and wet surface - electrocution

Where to go when no one comes. No On campus? Find an Off campus!

Is the doors of On-campus is locked and keys are lost forever? Still you can get jobs try these links
Register in here, if it suits

Search and register if it suits (to register here click on link there)
I worked on Electronics & IT related, you can search more on google
Just type "career" and get links of whatever you want Don't apply to Unsuitable position, then you'll drag yourself in problems. Don't waste time searching for a company Remember not every firm encourages freshers

This is specially dedicated to my …


This internet age has got lot to do with mouse. Basically 'Mouse' is used for moving around the screen with/without any motto and make sure screen savers don't disturb us! But what makes is stay in the field even after introduction of touch screen is it just the money? I'm sure its not!

Remember mouse is not manufacture with one button and scroll ball or laser beneath. Modern mouse come with many button with unwanted/illogical uses, from the perspective of manufacturers its the edge that they are going to have against their competitor. But from the view of user like its just waste of money. The well developed and fully useful mouse is displayed below, check out their parts for further discussion

Usage of left click and right click is universal, there is nothing much to say about it but there is lot about the rest, I'll point out one by one.If you notice I have have pointed "Scroll button" not Scroll roll/bar or something! Simply click on the link will open …

What is special about KAMAL

Even though the title is unbiased, post concentrates on the effort of Dr. Kamala Hassan's flick Manmatha Ambu. The movie revolves around Love and Kamal, he sang a beautiful song "Neela Vanam" for the same. Music direction is done by Devi Sri Prasath, who never leaves his ugly band, "Petta" drum beats.

This song is dominated  by Kamal's voice (I suspect his hand on music too), to say it will have no "thara", "thapetta", "band music" or "unlawful drum beats" simply no stains of DSP. Kamal's voice rule that 5 minutes with calming violin background.

Have you noted the specialty of this "reverse" picturising,the lip movement matches the song(even when is reversing). So what is it? they walked back or did he spelled back! You choose the answer by again watching it. Watch for the 3:00min portion till the end

What is Makara Jyothi and Makara Vilaku

Makara Jyothi is the "Uthram" star worshiped by the pilgrims. The main worshipping rituals are performed at the day of Makara Sankaranthi (every 14 January) day. It draws the second largest number of pilgrims in the country. The devotees believe that witnessing the light brings them good luck and divine blessings.

Makara Vilaku is the fire lit of top of the Ponambala Medu by Travancore Devaswom board, ealier it is believe wrongly that this is Jyothi and it comes all by itself(by the power of Lord Ayyappa). It is also said that Makara Vilaku is lit by Tribals on Ponambala Medu as a tribute/worship to Lord ayyappa, even today Travancore Devaswom board has to do it with the help of tribals