Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If pen is mightier than sword then it could be gun

Fortnight back we had a t-shirt design contest in our office hosted by a very famous blogger. The contest was to come up with an awesome slogan that'll influence the readers to write more, yes we are blogging evangelist. It doesn't just end there you have to pick a plain t-shirt image and embed the quote in it, of course that's how it is design contest else it'll be slogan contest. 

And my entry was a reflection of how I tend to use blog, obvious I broke the very first norm of contest hence I was hardly appreciated. But I was not demotivated exciting part was not winning but designing, and hence I share the designs with you guys. I love to be quoted as millennial, its almost like someone calling my Lt Gen - We just don't do things differently we do it with poker face.

So I was talking about how I use blog, lets review my reviews - they are mostly critical. In the sense I’m more of a critic than reviewer (Remember Anton Ego of Ratatouille – that sort of thing). So I came up with the slogan "Blog to Flog" and now for the design part I thought of using sword to materialize the word flog, but sword is bit old. Millennial, Poker face, mightier than sword... yes it must be gun.

Coats of Arms - Critics
Pengun < the new name that I'm giving to this self made critic logo, a gun with pen nib in place of muzzle. My enthusiasm towards this design has led me to make Coat of Arms for us Critics! Explained as : grey 0 % represents rotten egg, yellow star with sparse yellow dots in right bottom represent how tough its to get rating from us. And then I thought why not try to make another t-shirt? then I put this in a t-shirt and changed coats of arms color to make it more appealing.

Here are my entries, 2 entries were allowed per participant.

To me both the entries where awesome, especially 1