Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Forums and Logins

Forums and Q&A sites are IT guys main land, without them most would suffocate. These have always been the first step in analyzing, some do it literally! copy paste the error code even if it's by getting the business object exposed to outside world. An ordinary guy would copy the error message, google it, find multiple solutions in multiple sites and chooses what is easy to implement and if fixed done  its time to debug & fix the next error.

This cycle is so established that it won’t ever change  wait did I mentioned ‘cycle’ is it so? ask yourself have you been just extracting information or have actively participated? Most are designed in such a way that all the contents are accessible to anyone but edits are not possible and hence we don’t care even to register until a time comes where we have ask a new question that wasn’t asked ever.

Lets ask another question is signing up to any such Q&A site is advantageous? Yes! indeed yes given that you’d receive multiple mails from them on a day, even when you open up your personal mail id in front of boss you’d sound geeky enough to be called in for discussion right from design phase of projects  Fun aside we can never have enough time  I sent most of them to Trash without even reading the subject I know its not for me, at least not now.

So whats the advantage you get? the social presence that is going to land you on new world you never expected (hint: Career 2.0 on Stackoverflow). But this is not just the one thing, this is just another thing. The discussion which is going to happen when you pitch in with fantastic question and when you are replied back with awesome answers, soon you dive deep into subject and master it like none sitting around you imagine the bucket you are going to get in next cycle  ok that last addition is to lure you  Though ‘Jack of All’ might sound good, the Jack will be abused often at tough time and King will have to clear the ground, so better be a KING