Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Session name could have been 'SWADRUTHA show'

One of the Batch Owners came running in to find Abinay so that he can get some guys to speak in front of Mr.Sridhar, Sr. Manager, Academy -Delivery. The session was named as 'Coffee with Sridhar' it concentrates on new trends and technologies which he might not be aware. From my batch three went Abinay, Mugil and me, we didn't decide on what to speak so that we can be versatile to chose what to speak there. But our decision was not appreciated by BOs but we never did really bothered about it.

Including us there were 11 CATs waiting for Sridhar to arrive in conference hall, as dictated by BOs soon as he came we all said 'Hi! Sridhar' sounded more like kinder garden. Straight away introduction happened, Abinay was the first one to catch the attention he talked about book written by PSG college lectures, Sridhar was indeed an alumni of PSG then they indulged in more a 1-1 chat.

Then I introduced myself as JA volunteer and mentioned that I have met him in training sessions for JA, then he started talking about Outreach - JA for sometime. I spoke about electric field which is capable of changing ordinary glass to bulletproof glass and some voltaic glass which acts as triggered blinds for shade. Then came Mugil into scene, master stroke, he talked about networks and securities. Mugil came up with some interesting facts and notes, Sridhar was excited and invited Mugil to talk about this to all CATs and asked Kishore(TL) to move forward on Mugil's session! Hope that I would see Mugil on stage soon.

May be it was more our batch 'SWADRUTHA' show because we were able to connect to every fact and news shared there. Abinay told unknown qualities of water moreover he was connecting to everyone around, he added some points to others facts which was believed to be unknown but it was known to him :)

I wonder why our CATs are more a copy cats whether it is because Sridhar is himself a JA volunteer or is that because it sounded good, everyone deemed them as some kind of social service oriented person. But which again became a favour for us before closing the session Sridhar spoke about Outreach JA for 5 minutes he pointed me and said continue your good work, he added that after helping children on career guidance you'll have immense satisfaction and wished that everyone would be a part of it.