Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why Geotag, Twitter, Facebook on remote devices are virtual self traps! helping Robbery

The new essential of this generation is social networking! this has already made us not to care about neighbor whose door is 3 foot away from ours. But what Robbery has to do with this, better I can explain this with scenario. While on my weekend I'm going to Resort 50km away from my home.

  • On Friday to check if there is anyone to accompany me I set a status message on FB.
  • Before leaving I leave a note in Twitter.
  • On the way I decide to take a coffee break from driving, I updated it Photo with Geo-tagging telling everyone where I'm now and how good it looks.
  • Once I reach spot I shout in Twitter that I'm there and do the same on leaving.
  • While returning I update photos of days action on FB again with Geo-tagging I state where I'm taking my dinner.
  • I'm updating on Twitter the time I may take to return home from dinner spot.

Even though its not so essential to do things on the way I do it because my devices support these things I'm happy to make everyone know that I have advanced technology. This updates makes it easy for advanced thieves who is already having a notorious eye on my properties and I'm making it easy for him by updating where I'm and when will I reach home. Also I have given him good time to plan this act, if I'm gonna cancel plans, well I would post that too.

When introduced to new devices and new applications we are using it as if it is a must to access everything that your portable junk supports! Most mobiles are supporting what I quoted in title, my friends are not ready to buy new devices which don't support these applications. All the 3 makes us feel that we are connected to friends but the truth is we are connect to everyone who can have access to our page, world knows the security that above sites could provide (Twitter is created share recent updates). My recommendation is to use it safely, every technology has its own social drawback.

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