Saturday, May 28, 2011

When would a WORLD CUP will live on its fever with cherry topping staying high

Think what had powered IPL so much! short duration in fact just 4 hours to spend even after inclusion of funny strategy breaks. When this T20 format is already observed so much if ODI can have concentration it is only when India plays Pakistan or World cups, remind you Ashes is all about Test matches. Even though teams like Ireland had made good impression which was not in Top10 right at the start of WC thats not enough to make WC exciting.

With the IPL on move with 73 games most cricket followers would have forgot that most players here play opponents, classified under country. Many would hardly believe that India won the World Cup just before 56 days. But I'm not doing to talk neither about WC'11 nor IPL'11, its about WC'15 schedule.

If you would roll back passing the IPL memories for 50 days just after first game of IPL another Cricket NEWS might strike your head! Its about the number of teams in World Cup, while big teams wants only Top 10 smaller ones pray for 14 cause its the only chance by which they can be noted. Many note-worthy comments where given by many on this topic even before the start of just ended WC, for example Kevin Pieterson found that the duration of tournatment is too long.

So my idea is that just don't reduced the number of teams also the number of matches. Take only Top 10 teams group them as A and B let every team play with left teams(making 20 league matches). So by the end of league matches 4 teams qualify for Semi final and winners will meet in Finals.

Totally 20+2+1 = 23 games, less than half of what we had in WC'11 (49 games). Anyway Intermediate Super Six or Super eight is already not in card there by making the World cup more exciting as it had to be. This way the tournament will never lose its pace. As good proverbs says have ice cream before snow comes down cause it brings the cherry topping along with it.