Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't Politicize Education

Education has become a play toy in the hands of politics. Rivalry among them shouldn't affect any layman and this what prevailing now. Why do you (politicians) unnecessarily poke your nose in altering the syllabus? Let the educationists deal with it and amend the appropriate ways. Of what interest are these guys dealing with the country's education. Wanna dissipate that too?? This is not any motto of counter act or any such thing. As a common man and a student we express our disinterest on what you are doing with so called education. Already our education system is so perplexed that we couldn't even able to analyse what we are actually studying. Education in not any industrial production or a company's turnover, its a total output of the nation on the whole.

Students representing our country across the world should be damn fit to compete with them and in no matter they should be lagging behind. Recently in a video channel I witnessed a small girl of the age 9+ making a microprocessor of her own. Can any child do it here?? yes of course but a very few. I quote this here not to discourage ourselves but to scale us so that we can know where we are. We are not to blame the children or student here but the system. Our education system mainly concentrates on the 'functions of the capacitor' without even knowing what is capacitor!  

It is only the education that becomes the greatest assert for anyone who possess it and that should be offered free of cost unbiased for every individual (as of now they can at least reduce the cost). I wish there is a separate consortium for education and in no way should politics or any nonsense enter in. This is not to hurt anyone but the politicians must understand the issue and act wisely. After all it is the poor student who is perturbed in between and hereby we voice out for this!