Saturday, August 14, 2010

New List of Tricks for PC

  • Press Shift +Ctrl +Esc when your computer is hanged! Click on End task wait for few seconds

  • Speaker in Adobe Reader Ctrl+Shift+b=Whole document; Ctrl+Shift+v=Present page

  • Disable error reporting Mycomputer>Properties>Advanced>Error Reporting - Disable Error reporting

  • Make your desktop icons transparent Go to Control Panel Sysem=>Advanced=>Performance Area=>"Use drop shadows for labels on Desktops"

  • Load folders faster Tools=>Folder options=>View=>Automatically search for Network folders and printers=>Don't Cache thumbnails

  • Chatting emotional faces while Chatting in PC Alt+1,2,3,4....(I got this trick supplied from trustful source but didn't work for me, hope it does for you)