Thursday, July 22, 2010

Octopus Paul given honorary citizenship

Paul, the psychic octopus, was awarded honorary citizenship of the Spanish town of Carballino on Thursday, after correctly predicting Spain’s win in the World Cup final.

The mayor of the northwestern Spanish town, Carlos Montes, travelled to Germany where he presented the Oberhausen Sea Life aquarium with a silver plaque and a replica statue of its best-known cephalopod.

Paul also received a sumptuous meal of mussel meat and was given a friendly stroke.

“He was very trusting and enjoyed being stroked,” a Spanish spokesman said.

Paul obtained near cult-like status during the World Cup and his predictions were broadcast live in the later stages of the tournament in South Africa. He was spot-on in his predictions of all seven Germany games and also got Spain’s win over the Netherlands in the July 11 final right.

Carballino has invited Paul to take part in a large octopus celebration in early August. But he will stay put in Germany, despite five-figure purchase bids from around the world.

SOURCE: THE HINDU dated 23-July-2010