Thursday, June 17, 2010

ONLINE GAME Spreading at alarming rate

Few years back every Indian would remember ZAPAK when you say online gaming. But now the trend is pretty different Online gaming is reaching next level with gice importance to any one game and not cluster of games. There were two site offering online gaming to max extent previously ZAPAK and MINICLIP

Even now many peoples are maintain active account on previously mentioned site but the recently developed Online sports arcade is drawing much of interest.

Some reasons for Greater appreciation for new arrivals

1.Can play with peoples not with programs
2.Rankings are made to motivate
3.Your social network is connected, Facebook is very popular in doing this
4.Some site are even offering to chat with opponets
5.Just to time pass in something you are interested and not in something over there

Some sites that offer this kind of Things

Howzat for Cricket
Allfootball for Football
Soccer Gaming
Net golf game
Sticksports-Multi game portal