Saturday, June 26, 2010

Escaping the Wild is not impossible

Most Wild animals are not poisonous still you can worry about them cause once you get caught by them there is no way to escape! So don’t think about fighting back or running all you can do is to make sure you save your life before someone appears with guns and men. Most of animals around world don’t kill people for food except Hyena, and some other cheap and hungry cat family member, bears don’t eat humans but to save its child it will do anything, unlike human they care lot about their children.


· Don’t run they hate cowards so kills you before moving 10meters

· Don’t partially hide triggers panic in them thinking you are Hunting

· Don’t fight you are not Tarzan

· Don’t bend down beg for life they will have easy Prey

· Don’t Look into eyes they’ll then expect a good fight from you

· Don’t take any stick to threaten they will not be afraid of stick ahead of 60kg flesh

· Don’t get to forest if you say I can’t think about this when I’m afraid


· Raise your hand make sure they realize you are big than them don’t look into eyes while doing this

· Look around for safe place not tree when you are facing wild cats they are good climbers than you

· While facing unnaturally triggered elephants run for life down the hill don’t run up they are good climbing up not while running down

· No problem if you heading group of elephants stay at good distant, while facing lone ones you are danger make sure they don’t see you.

· Wild cats don’t let you go easily they are worst predators ever after dinosaur, so escape is the only tool stay clam expect a heap from them towards you grab a stick if you are not muscle, hide stick make sure they don’t see it.

· While jumping toward you just move a bit hit your arms or stick against their chin for cheek part before they recover run to safe make sure they don’t see you run; it is very hard to escape Wild cats so pray for help or have iron stuffs so that you can raise gun firing sound Now a days no cat is afraid of fire sorry but you’ll die trying old un-useful techniques!