Sunday, November 1, 2009


Previous auction from BCCI for the telecasting rights of Bilateral and Tri-nation Series in India was won by Nimbus sports production. And this is why The Nimbus sports Production launched a channel separately for cricket; Star group has the rights for live telecasting of international tournaments.

ESPN Cricinfo has introduced a new way to telecast the live cricket without legal rights and documents. The live telecasting rights were reserved, but they need not care about that because they are not using the customary way of telecasting the match. Animated version of match is being telecasted in their website and highlights of the match namely Boundaries and Wickets are also readily viewable.

The FAQ? All about this new idea is that how is it possible to telecast it with so much low downloading charge (It takes only about 17mb for live viewing of the match for 15minutes.). This is possible only because of it’s under lying secret.

  1. Batmen’s standing styles are set a standard i.e., there is only one stand style for every right hander and left hander.
  2. Right hand Bowlers are given 2 styles one for spin other for pace similarly for left handers.
  3. All Fielders are also given same standing style but their heads are focusing on batsmen. Wicket keepers are given 2 styles one long standing position and close sitting position.
  4. Umpires are off no problem they are also made similarly.
  5. Every orthodox batsmen shots are loaded mandatorily some of them are straight drive, cover drive, hook, pull, sweep for both right and left hander’s.
  6. Fielders athletic and acrobatic stunts are made with 4 basic things: move, catch, pickup, throw. If it is a catch then they are made to rejoice in the middle of the field. Fielding setup is off no problem.
  7. Stumping and catch of wicket keeper are similar they are hard to make difference in default view, may create difference in side view but currently they are not available.

The entire above mentioned are loaded for only one time, until you clear your internet temp files they remain the same

  • When a ball is bowled till a batsman takes a shot every thing is set same expect field setup and style of standing of batsmen and bowlers arm swing.
  • After this three commands are given one for a) batsmen move to execute any one of the orthodox shot matching the original play, b) fielders move and c) umpires decision.

Therefore the live action take more than 2seconds delay but that is of no concentration; From now if anyone view the match from their office or from internet enable lab in your academic institution.

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